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There is no such thing as UX strategy

2013 saw a lot of discussion around the topic of UX Strategy. In fact, there was at least one conference on the topic and a string of articles. However, all of this activity around a topic doesn’t actually mean it … Continue reading

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Designers — an untapped pool of Agile leadership

Implementing an agile product development process has many challenges. One that is not regularly addressed is who will lead each of the scrum teams. Many organizations default to the, seemingly obvious, answer of the scrum master. Often ill-defined (even with … Continue reading

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Take that meeting…

“I don’t really use LinkedIn or Twitter.” “I don’t go to meetups.” “I don’t really have time to meet people.” These are just a few of the phrases I hear all the time from people I come across — whether … Continue reading

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Interaction design is not respected as a design discipline

Back in February I was lucky enough to attend Interaction 12, the IxDA’s annual conference, in Dublin, Ireland. It was an incredibly well-produced event with lots of thoughtful sessions, interesting people and fun activities. One of those activities was the … Continue reading

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I’m leaving TheLadders….and launching Proof!

“Go to the edge of the cliff and jump off. Build your wings on the way down.” – Fahrenheit 451 author Ray Bradbury     It’s a new year. And even though it’s mostly an arbitrary point in time, there’s … Continue reading

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Rock bands and Startups

For a good portion of the 90’s and early 00’s I was a touring musician. There were 5 or 6 of us (depending on the band), we were young, determined and hungry – both figuratively (we wanted to be rock … Continue reading

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You Don’t Need a UX Portfolio

“Can they draw straight lines?” That’s what my boss asks me each time I meet a new UX Design candidate. I’ve interviewed a lot of UX Designers over the past two years. Inevitably (and at my request in most cases) … Continue reading

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Designing The Damn Thing

Over and over again, it seems, practitioners within the User Experience world stir up flame wars and heated debates about what it is exactly that we do and what it should be called. From Interaction Design to User Experience Design … Continue reading

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Call Their Baby Ugly and 4 Other Tips for Designing with CEO’s

CEO’s can be a tough group to design for – after all, it’s their vision with which you are now entrusted. I’ve been fortunate enough throughout my career to work closely with several CEO’s. From fledgling ideas to high-growth companies … Continue reading

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Gut Instincts

Much is said about education, experience and domain knowledge when discussing the potential quality of a design.  If the designer has the right degrees, a solid cross-section of experience and deep industry knowledge the assumption is that the design will … Continue reading

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