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Jeff on stage at UX Lisbon

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The world of software has changed into one of continuous delivery and learning. With the ability to launch and iterate products at a staggering pace now accessible to anyone, the differentiation between success and failure is a delightful user experience and design. Combining this new continuous feedback loop, great design with lean and agile thinking brings teams an unfair advantage. My presentations and workshops teach your teams how to take advantage of this new reality and put it into production fast.

As the author of the Lean UX book and a veteran product designer and team leader, I am uniquely qualified to bring these ideas to your teams.

Currently available talks: 

Lean UX: Getting out of the deliverables business

Watch the talk here (33 minutes)

In this talk your team will learn:

  • How user experience and interaction design evolve in an agile, continuous world
  • Why creating a cross-functional design process increases the viability and success of your products
  • How to focus your teams on creating digital experiences instead of documentation

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Demystifying Design: Fewer secrets, bigger impacts

Watch the talk here (35 minutes)

In this talk your team will learn:

  • Why design is perceived as a “black box” and how that’s hindering your product’s success
  • Why opening up your design process to non-designers benefits the entire team, the product and your company
  • How to begin opening up your team’s design process and increase design’s value in your organization

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Better product definition with Lean UX and design thinking

Watch the talk here (39 minutes)

In this case-study rich talk your team will learn:

  • What lean ux is and how it builds off design thinking
  • How to de-risk your projects and ensure their greatest chance for success
  • Why working from assumptions and hypotheses is far more successful than a strict set of requirements

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Agile & UX can totally be friends and Lean UX is the way

Watch the talk here (89 minutes)

In this full length talk your team will learn:

  • The challenges Agile presents to UX design teams and how to overcome them
  • How to mesh the iterative natures of Agile software development and design
  • How Lean UX builds a teamwork mentality that empowers teams to self-organize around the best possible solutions to their business challenges

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Maintaining continuous research in an Agile backlog with experiment stories

Watch the talk here (18 minutes)

In this short, focused talk your team will learn:

  • The benefits of continuous learning
  • How to ensure research and learning persist as the team moves from discovery to build
  • What is an experiment story, how to write one and the benefits it brings to the entire team

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Building successful in-house innovation teams

Watch the video here

In this talk your team will learn:

  • What environment fosters successful innovation teams
  • Who to put on the innovation team
  • How to assign work and task the innovation team as well as how to measure their success

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Hands-on Lean UX Workshops

“We learned more in 2 days than we did in 6 months together as a team.”  - recent workshop participant

“This process [Lean UX] will allow me to be more involved as a developer.”  - Tarin, recent workshop participant

In addition to lectures, I frequently give workshops, both public and in-house, that dive deep into the topics of lean startup, lean ux, agile ux and design. I work closely and hands-on with cross-functional  workshop teams (product, design, engineering) to introduce these concepts and teach the techniques by practicing on real-world examples from the team’s domains and industries.

Workshop formats include half-day, full day, 2 day and 5-day intensive immersion (by far the best value).

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Need to discuss which option is best for you? Email me at jeff@jeffgothelf.com and I’ll be happy to discuss these or a more custom offering with your team.