Published Articles & Presentations

On occasion, I will publish a long form article to an online magazine or blog. Here’s a list of articles published to date:

Practical Applications: Visio or HTML for Wireframes?
Published Feb 2003 in Boxes and Arrows

Shelf Life: Designing for the Longevity of Purpose
Published March 2010 in Full Bleed Magazine

Beyond Staggered Sprints: How Integrated Agile and UX
Published October 2010 in

How to Maintain Your Personal Brand as a Corporate Employee
Published December 2010 in Smashing Magazine

Lean UX: Getting Out of the Deliverables Business
Published March 2011 in Smashing Magazine

You vs. The Data: When to Stop Optimizing and Start Thinking
Published May 2011 in the KISSMetrics Blog

Radio Johnny (podcast): Jeff Gothelf on Lean User Experience
Published April 2011 on Johnny Holland

5 Effective Ways for Usability Testing to Play Nice with Agile
Published June 2011 on

Top 3 Reasons Designers Object to Agile and How to Overcome Them
Published August 2011 on AgileBlog

User Experience and Design hiring (a series of posts)
Published throughout 2011 on The Hired Guns

Interaction Design Tactics for Visual Designers
Published September 2011 on Smashing Magazine

Test everything you got, regardless of its polish or fidelity
Published September 2011 on

Demystifying Design
Published September 2011 on A List Apart

How to Build an Agile UX Team: Culture, Hiring, Integration
Published October/Novermber 2011 on Smashing Magazine

The Biggest Lie in Corporate America is Phase 2
Published May 2012 on Harvard Business Review

Lean UX is Not Anti-Deliverable
Published May 2012 on Johnny Holland


More presentations are available on Speakerdeck as well.