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We’ve joined New Context!

I’m thrilled to share that Proof, the product design studio we (Giff Constable, Josh Seiden) founded earlier this year has been acquired by New Context. Starting immediately, we will be the NYC office of New Context offering a full array … Continue reading

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Why have you not written anything here in 2 months?

Quick update on the next blog post(s) coming up here. I’ve been swamped with launching a new business, speaking around the world, writing for a few other publications and putting the finishing touches on the Lean UX book. This has … Continue reading

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Remote collaborative brainstorming and sketching – Part I

I’ve been facilitating design studios with collocated teams for years. Many, including me, have covered the benefits of collaboratively sketching new ideas and concepts with a cross-functional team. Recently though, I was tasked with bringing this exercise to a distributed … Continue reading

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Announcing: The Lean UX Book!

I’m extremely proud (and partially terrified) to announce that I’m writing a book! The book’s topic is Lean User Experience and is tentatively titled, Lean UX: Getting Out of the Deliverables Business. It will be published by O’Reilly (creators of … Continue reading

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Lean UX is not just for lean startups

As the conversation around Lean UX heats up in the blogs, Twitters and conferences a lot of reference is made to the ideas of lean startup promoted by Eric Ries, Steve Blank and others. Many discussions focus on how user experience … Continue reading

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Unicorn: a visual designer with UX chops

I was speaking to an entrepreneur the other day when he mentioned he was looking for a “creative director with UX skills.” He added,”…someone whose aesthetic I really like.” I responded ,”Good luck.”

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Users are not snowflakes

Every person grows up thinking they are unique and special. Your mother told you that and, to this day, you believe it. The customers coming to your web site are no different. They each come expecting you to deliver an … Continue reading

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I once sat next to a newly-diagnosed MS patient while walking him through an online description of the progression of that disease. It was devastating. Another time I interviewed a long-suffering Psoriasis  patient about her frustration with the lack of … Continue reading

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I was Agile before it was cool

I totally wasn’t. And the image below proves it: I received this illustrious award after coining the phrase “rogue developer” while on the AOL Explorer project (a surprisingly successful browser AOL launched in the early-mid 00’s). To me, a rogue … Continue reading

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Agile 2010

I just returned from a week in hot, sweaty and rainy Orlando, FL where I spent the bulk of my time at the Agile 2010 conference. It was my first time at such a specialized, non-design conference and I was … Continue reading

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