About Jeff

Everything you’ve heard is true. I rock!

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Jeff Gothelf and I’ve worked for many years as a product designer and team leader. These days I’m spending more time as a teacher, workshop leader and public speaker. Recently I published my first book, Lean UX: Applying lean principles to improve user experience (O’Reilly 2013).  I’ve led successful, cross-functional, collaborative, agile teams at organizations of all sizes.

I mainly focus on building and training evidence-based, customer-centered product development teams. These teams often utilize lean principles and agile software development. 

Here are two really nice things recent workshop participants said about me:

“Jeff is amazing at facilitating a meeting and keeping people organized.”

“Jeff had clear mastery of the topics discussed. He presented the material in a clear, concise, and fun way. His presentation strategies were really good.”

I also happen to be a dad, husband, musician and all-around funny guy (at least I think so).

In 2012, along with Josh Seiden and Giff Constable, I launched a lean product design and innovation studio called Proof in NYC where we worked with companies (big and small) building and designing innovative product ideas while helping those organizations adopt leaner development processes. In late 2012, Proof was acquired by Neo Innovation Labs – a larger organization backed by Eric Ries and Joi Ito with an identical vision. We are now the NYC office of Neo.

Please get in touch if you’d like me to speak at your company, lead training workshops or discuss how Neo can help you solve that tough business problem.

I’m easily found on all the obligatory social networking sites but your best bets to get in touch are Twitter (@jboogie), LinkedIn and email.