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We are all designers

I work in an Agile shop. It’s been challenging making the transition and we’re still far from comfortable but we’re making progress. There are many changes to the way “we’ve always designed” when adopting an Agile philosophy. This post will … Continue reading

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Customer Service: The defining quality of service design

I own two cars – a Chrysler and a Volkswagen. Periodically they both need to be serviced. I go to the dealerships because of warranty requirements. The Volkswagen dealer is also a Porsche and Audi dealer making it a far … Continue reading

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The Maker’s Schedule

In an email exchange with Jason Putorti (@novaurora) this week the term “The Maker’s Schedule” was brought up. I’d never heard it before and decided to investigate. My first inclination was that this was some kind of religious phrase that … Continue reading

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Can an existing org get real?

I just finished reading @37Signals product design/development manifesto, “Getting Real.” I came out on the other side of this read so full of energy — motivated to go back to work in the morning, fire everyone except my favorite developer … Continue reading

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