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Elegant, efficient and sophisticated: my design philosophy

As my career has evolved and grown I’ve found myself in new positions being asked to articulate my views on design. The words have evolved but the core elements remain the same. In my work I strive to design experiences … Continue reading

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What’s your work ethic?

There are some professions where the more time one spends at their station yields greater amounts of productivity. I imagine this dates back to the dawn of the industrial age where the longer a factory worker spent at his post, … Continue reading

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You can have it all

Progressing in a User Experience career leads most designers working for companies or agencies (i.e., not freelancers) to a fork in the road. In order to get to the “next level” in your career you need to decide whether you … Continue reading

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Push early, fail often

In a startup environment the mantra of “push early, push often” is often heralded as the right product development course. The theory is one driven by the Agile model – get value to customers in the form of working code … Continue reading

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